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Graciously derived from our creator, nature has and will always be our catylist for survival.

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Healer: Natural herbs has been the most consistent source of medicine since before Early Dynastic Egypt(3100BC)! It is also the foundation for over 50% of pharmacutical drugs created in the past 30 years!

Electric Food Supplier: We rely on nature to provide us foods that gives us essential nutrients and phytonutrients responsible for keeping our bodies in tip top shape!

Arts & Crafts: The most unique, valuable forms of arts and crafts are expressed through truly natural materials including wood, stone, metal, cloth, and much more. These materials create: houses, clothes, jewelry, sculptures and many more things we’ve evolved to admire and use everyday!

Why Fode Naturals?

Aight So Boom!

Here at Fodé Naturals we live by Authenticity and Integrity.

We offer truly affordable, natural, and sustainable goods.

Offering the best, to the best because you deserve it!

Our artillery is made from Real and Sustainable Ingredients, 100% Natural.

We are transparent with all of our supporters; Know what our goods are made of, how they’re made, and where they’re made.

No synthetic or artificial ingredients will EVER be in our products

We Guarantee It!

Primarily sourced from the Motherland

West African Made

Throughout history Africa has been abused and exploited for it’s resources.

Africa is the motherland where civilization started, it is our responsibility to take care it. Fodé Naturals strives for the social and economic development of West African countries.

We source our main ingredients from West Africa and plan to manufacture there too!